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Hillcrest is a K-12th grade International Christian School with an American curriculum. The school was founded in 1942 as a boarding school for missionary children. Today a significant number of children come from Nigeria, but a good number come from other countries. The school is owned and operated by eight missions/church organizations.
Hillcrest is divided into three schools, each with a principal. Elementary School is Kindergarten to 5th grade. Middle School is 6th to 8th grade and High School is 9th to12th grade. In their junior and senior years students may elect to take a number of AP classes. Annually almost all graduates are admitted into North American universities.
Hillcrest is situated in the city of Jos on a 4,300 foot high plateau. Jos is located in the central part of Nigeria. Temperatures are mild all year around; somewhat similar to that of Southern California except that it rains more in Jos.


Current Vacancies

  • Special Education Teacher
  • Music Teacher (K-12)
  • Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • High School Math Teacher


Hillcrest School seeks professionals who are strongly committed Christians.  Applicants should hold at minimum a Bachelor’s degree, teaching certification, speak and write English fluently, have experience working within the US or Canadian educational systems and demonstrate enthusiasm for residing in a cross-cultural environment.

Additional preferred skills and experience include: international school teaching, curriculum and assessment development, ability to stimulate critical thinking and inquiry within classroom environment, effective communication with students and parents along with proven ability to collaborate with colleagues.

Hillcrest School takes seriously its responsibility to protect students and to create a safe and positive environment for them to grow. We believe that it is never acceptable for any child to experience abuse of any kind. Therefore, employees of Hillcrest School are required to read the Hillcrest School Student Protection Policy, attend Student Protection training, and sign the Hillcrest School Student Protection Code of Conduct.

The teaching and senior administrative staff of Hillcrest School are required to indicate their personal commitment to Christ, their church membership, and their willingness to affirm and not teach anything contrary to the Hillcrest doctrinal basis along with Hillcrest Mission and Vision Statements.  These requirements can be indicated in writing at the initial state of application to work at Hillcrest, and thereafter annually.


Application Process

Our ongoing commitment to strong Christian academic standards is foundational to our applicant screening and hiring process.  If you are interested in exploring opportunities at Hillcrest School, please click here to complete and submit the Employment Inquiry Form.


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